Jezzam - Amazing colour options to help your scheduling

We’ve just rolled out some great new colour features. Here are 5 top tips on how Jezzam can brighten your day.

Colour is an amazing thing.

It can influence mood. It's a vital part of the natural world. And it's important in business and the world of scheduling too.

Not only is it an essential part of your brand, it can also make organising your bookings a whole lot easier (and more cheerful!).

Here are 5 tips on how Jezzam can bring a little colour to your day:

1. Add colour everywhere

Adding colours to your Services so you can easily distinguish them on your calendar can be a great help to quickly see what’s going on in your business.

Now you can add colours not only to your Services but also to your Staff, Resources AND Locations (if you have these features enabled).

Jezzam - Colour Everywhere - Services, Staff, Resources and Locations

And it’s SO easy to do. Just head over to the appropriate section in the Admin Calendar under “Settings", select the item and click the colour field.

Jezzam also displays a handy colour sample next to the item in the list.

2. Using the new colour palette

We’ve enhanced the colour picker used for selecting colours throughout your Jezzam Admin panel.

It includes a palette to help you quickly pick from a selection of standard colours. And if you want to release your inner artist, clicking the “More” button gives you the ability to select your own custom colours.

These are even saved for you in your own custom colour palette for use later anywhere in your Jezzam Account.

Jezzam - The New Colour Picker

3. Show your calendar in glorious Technicolor

Once you’ve set all your colours, head over to the Admin Calendar. Click the settings icon and then pick one of the options and watch your calendar burst forth with your creative genius (it’s also pretty handy for seeing what’s going on with your bookings).

Jezzam - Jezzam's calendar in glorious technicolour

4. Highlight bookings with a custom colour

There are times when you want to highlight certain bookings.

What better way to do it than with colour? You can now easily add a custom colour for the booking. Just edit the booking. Head to the "Options" tab and select the colour you want. Jezzam will even let you switch off the display of custom colours in the calendar settings.

Jezzam - Highlighting bookings with colour

5. Matching your brand

Brand is important. For one thing, it helps your customers know they are making a booking with you. Colour is an extremely powerful part of that and Jezzam let's you update your mini website header colour to match your brand.

Jezzam - Match your brand with Jezzam

We hope you like these new features and enhancements and as always, let us have your feedback.