Jezzam - 5-star support for appointment scheduling software

We've added a fantastic way for you to chat directly with our amazing Support Team when you're online.

Easier to use than a string telephone?

We believe in keeping things simple. So, while you may be disappointed we're not going to be giving everyone a Jezzam-branded string telephone, you will however be pleased to hear that we've added another great way for you to contact Support when you need a little help.

As with all Jezzam's features, it's included free as part of our extremely cost effective monthly subscription and it's about as easy to use as it gets:

Jezzam - Stripe Payment Gateway integration

When you're logged into your Jezzam Site Account, you can simply chat online with the Support Team directly from the Admin Panel - just click the chat button found at the bottom of every page and start chatting. The Support Team will chat back with you. Easy!

If there's a need to further investigate your request, the Support person will raise a Support ticket. We'll do all that for you and you'll get an email so you can track progress of the ticket.

Regular Support Tickets still available

Of course, you can still raise a ticket from the "Help" menu in the Admin Panel but we wanted to add an even easier and more direct way for you to to quickly communicate with us to get the help you need.

We hope you like this new addition to our communications and as always, let us have your feedback.