Jezzam - Calendar Sync

We've added a new feature that lets you create a public calendar showcasing your bookings and events in seconds!

A calendar for your members, your community or just because you can!

Sometimes, just sometimes, you want to put a calendar out there for all to see; to spread a little booking and scheduling love.

Your members might want to see who's booked. They might want to see what social events you've got coming up or what matches they can sign-up for as team members.

But "Hey, we're not a sports organisation!", we hear you cry. Ok, what if your community needs to know what's happening at your facilities? Or, what if you just want to show off how darn busy you are?

For many organisations, a public or member facing calendar is a vital part of their communications.

It's like Google Calendar but much, much easier

As with so many things at Jezzam, ease of use is paramount. You can activate your public calendar with just 1 click (yes, you read that correctly: that's just one click). You can change the default view, what colours to display and choose whether to show unavailable times.

Security is key

Jezzam automatically removes sensitive customer information from the public facing calendar.

If you are managing online booking and scheduling for members, access to information on the public calendar is contolled via Jezzam's secure login. Jezzam gives you the option to display certain information that might be useful for your membership community but is only available if members login - helping to keep it private and secure.

We hope you like this new feature and as always, let us have your feedback.

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