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Adding closed dates for your business has never been easier. Introducing Jezzam's new easy to use and phenominally flexible Closed Dates feature.

Flexible ways to schedule closed dates

There are many reasons why you might need to temporarily close your business for online booking:

  • public holidays
  • bad weather for the afternoon
  • scheduled maintenance on your resources
  • shutting down for a week over the summer to reward your lovely staff 😀

Jezzam offers unparalled flexibility when you want complete control over your scheduling. You can already manage your closed periods in a number of ways. For example:

  • If you use your Opening Hours to manage all your scheduling, you can simply change you Opening Hours to exclude your closed days
  • If you're using Staff and/or Resource availability scheduling or Jezzam's advanced per-service based scheduling, you can similarly change each of these to exclude closed periods
  • You can also use Unavailable Times to block out booking for one or more of your Staff and Resources

Easily add Closed Dates with a few clicks

The above methods are a fantastic way to manage the fine detail of your booking scheduling and give you multiple ways to configure your closed periods. However, there are times when you need a quick way to block out online bookings for your whole business for a defined period.

The new Closed Dates feature lets you do exactly that.

Easily add closed dates for your online booking and scheduling

Now with just a couple of clicks, you can enter a closed date in the Closed Date Calendar and it will override any other scheduling you have in place - right across your account.

A single closed date can be added with just two clicks! You can also create repeating closed dates and even go down to closed periods of a few hours. As always with Jezzam, you have ultimate flexibility to suit your needs.

Closed Dates are really easy to use and we've created a great help article to guide you through the process.

How to block out bookings using "Closed Dates"

Jezzam. Booking made simple. 😊

We hope you like this new feature and as always, let us have your feedback.

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