Jezzam - Calendar Sync

We're continually enhancing Jezzam and we're delighted to announce the addition of 1-way calendar synchronisation to our list of integration offerings.

Calendars galore

Logging in to Jezzam's web based app is the best way to see and manage your scheduling but we know that there are times when you want to be able to see your bookings in other calendar apps.

Jezzam integrates with Outlook, iCloud and Google Calendar - letting you easily publish booking information from your Jezzam Account to the calendar app of your choice.

Easy to use

Jezzam's 1-way calendar sync is extremely easy to set up. It follows the iCalendar Standard allowing you to share your Jezzam booking information with any calendar app that can subscribe to an industry standard iCal feed.

You can create subscription calendars for your whole account, each member of staff AND each resource too.

Jezzam on tablet and mobile

You can also create multiple calendars in each case and Jezzam gives you control over what information appears in each subscription calendar.

For example, you can create a subscription calendar containing all the booking information for a member of staff so that they can view their appointments on their mobile phone. Or you could create a subscription calendar that excludes customer information, allowing you to embed booking information on your website while keeping the privacy of your customers' data intact.

Jezzam gives you complete control over when and how you publish 1-way subscription calendars, letting you disable, delete and even regenerate subscription calendar web links.

The possibilities are endless!

We've created a whole section of help guides to allow you to get the most from 1-way calendar sync.

We hope you like this new integration feature and as always, let us have your feedback.

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