Jezzam - Custom fields for appointment scheduling software

The latest release of Jezzam continues to add all the trimmings with the addition of a whole bunch of tasty features we know you'll love.

Custom fields for your customer records

Jezzam - Customer custom fields for online booking software

It's important to have a system that works the way you do. No more so than with the information you record about your customers. You want to be able to record things about your customers that are unique and important for your business.

You can with Jezzam with our newly added customer custom fields feature.

It might be that you need to store your customers' dietary preference, or allergy information. You might want to flag them as a VIP, record their shoe size or add something like a reference number to their details on your accounting system.

Jezzam lets you add up to 10 custom fields to your customer records. Not only that, but you can add the custom fields to your booking process so the information can be recording at booking time. You can choose between making the information optional or required. You can even provide a list of options that can be selected from.

And, as if that wasn't enough, all this information is available from the Jezzam Reports section so you can view and analyse to your heart's content. Deliciously good eh?

Handy reporting at your fingertips

We've added some really handy reports to the Reports sections including:

  • Bookings by staff member - create "day sheets" to show what bookings each staff member has. This can be daily but also for any custom period you require
  • Booking by resource - like staff day sheets, create reports for any period that show what bookings are coming up for each of your resources
  • Unpaid bookings - a fast way to see what bookings have outstanding payments
  • Customers with unpaid bookings - an extremely useful report to quickly see the outstanding balance for any unpaid customers

Payment tracking

Jezzam - Payment tracking for appointment scheduling software

Being able to track customer payments is crucial.

Jezzam now includes sophisticated manual payment tracking, letting you enter how and when a payment was made.

You can also add a note about the payment. All changes to payment information are stored in the booking's history along with who recorded the transaction and when the transaction was logged.

Jezzam - Online booking payment history

Improved receipt information

It's important that your customers get information about their payments.

We've improved receipt information so that when a customer has paid, their confirmation email contains clear payment details.

Jezzam - Online booking software receipts

You can now resend a confirmation email at any time, giving you a convenient way to provide your customers with a record of their payment.

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