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We've added a major new feature which lets you customise both the design and wording of every email in Jezzam.

Big time savings!

Communication is a vital part of any successful business and keeping your customers up to date is absolutely essential when managing bookings.

Jezzam's email automation sends up to 30 different types of email automatically for you. Not only does this keep you, your staff and your customers informed, it also saves you massive amounts of time.

Customise best practice HTML emails

Release your inner artist

We're delighted to announce that we've just released a major feature that lets you update not only the design of your emails (so that you can match your brand) but you can also change the wording of every email Jezzam automatically sends for you.

Just a few clicks

Making sure you have industry best practice HTML mail templates that work across devices like desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones was critical in releasing this new feature. We've also made sure the emails work across different email apps (like Gmail, Outlook, Exhange, Mac Mail).

We also wanted to make sure you could customise many aspects of your email design easily.

You can concentrate on the look and wording of your emails without having to worry about the complex task of making sure your customers can view them correctly.

So with just a few clicks, you can change the template, add a banner, change the font, it's colour, the highlight and button colours and more...

Jezzam's email designer gives you flexibility with simplicity. The perfect combination.

Jezzam on tablet and mobile

Tone up your email copy

All of Jezzam's transactional emails are worded to convey just the right amount of information using a clean, professional style. But we know that sometimes you just might want to change the copy of your emails to match the tone of your brand.

And now, using Jezzam's powerful "placeholder" feature, you can... in every email that Jezzam sends.

Update the text, add the placholders that you need to include the right booking information, preview the email, send yourself a test. And your done!

Now that's what we call true flexibility.

For more in-depth information on customising emails, check out our help videos and help guides.

We hope you like this great new feature and as always, let us have your feedback.

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