Jezzam - Fast Online Appointment Scheduling

Jezzam is all about freeing up your time by helping to take care of your bookings and business admin.

So we're extremely pleased to announce a major infrastructure upgrade that makes using Jezzam even faster than ever.

Performance monitoring

Jezzam runs in the cloud on some really powerful servers in some fantastically amazing data centres. We use some very cool automatic monitoring to keep an eye on how everything's running and even though our uptime averages out at over 99%, we're constantly looking at ways to improve performance and reliability.


This week we have upgraded the core part of Jezzam to a new all singing, all dancing infrastructure platform. This includes amongst other things, more powerful servers and a whole host of other marvellously techy stuff.

Fast & Reliable

One of our aims for the upgrade is to improve on our uptime availability even more. The other great benefit is that Jezzam is running significantly faster so you should notice using it is snappier than ever!

Find out more

If you want to see our uptime status check out our status page which shows the latest uptime figures from our automatic monitoring system.