• Jezzam - a quick tour

    Jezzam - a quick tour

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Manage your scheduling and bookings all in one place

Gone are the days of wall calendars, sticky notes, backs of envelopes and fridge magnets*.

Jezzam helps you centralise scheduling and booking without having to pull your hair out. Its sophisticated scheduling engine takes care of the hard stuff, keeping you informed and your customers happy.

Jezzam helps you to:

  • easily take payments for online bookings
  • reduce no shows by sending automated reminders to your customers
  • provides you with a centralised customer database

and so much more...

* we have nothing personal against fridge magnets

Jezzam on tablet and mobile
Jezzam on tablet and mobile

A calendar you'll love

The Jezzam calendar is the hub of all your activity.

Get an instant visual of your bookings for the week. Focus in on today's appointments or switch to month view to get the bigger picture - all in glorious technicolor.

Home in on something specific? No problem, you can filter on Staff, Resources, Locations, Services or any combination.

Create bookings straight from the calendar. View and edit customer information. Track and manage manual payments. Send emails directly just by clicking on a booking.

We could go on and on... but don't take our word for it, why not take it for a spin yourself with our free trial.

Open up online bookings to your customers

Free up time spent on the phone by enabling online booking.

Jezzam automatically creates everything you need for 24/7 online booking. Don't have a website? Jezzam includes a free mini website with online booking built in.

Booking is done through a beautifully simple and intuitive calendar-like interface. All selections are made on one page so no more having to return back to the beginning of a long stepwise process when no bookings are available. It's all right there including Jezzam's amazing "Find Next" speed search that will zip customers to the first available booking that meets their criteria.

Simply link to your Jezzam page from your own website, Facebook, your email communications and business stationary to give your customers a booking experience they'll love.

Jezzam on tablet and mobile
Jezzam on tablet and mobile

Go mobile

Access from anywhere, anytime

Jezzam is completely web-based so you can access it using the browser on your phone, tablet, Mac or PC. There's nothing to install and no special hardware required.

Because all your data is held securely in the cloud, it's synchronised immediately so you can pick up where you left off - in your office, at the studio, waiting in the car during the school run or even on the beach...

Your customers will love it too. With no app to install, they can start making online bookings immediately with just a web browser and from anywhere in the world too!

Booking made simple.

A home for your customer information

At last, you can ditch the spreadsheets.

Spruce up your record keeping by letting Jezzam handle your customer database.

With comprehensive contact details, notes section, complete booking history and the ability to add your own custom fields, Jezzam takes care of the filing while you take care of your customers.

And if your inner spreadsheet ninja still wants to get out, you can export all your customer data at any time.

Jezzam on tablet and mobile

"Jezzam has helped increase takings for our public bookings by over 30%"

Andrea C, West Ilsley Tennis Club

Secure payments

Online or manual payments? It's completely up to you.

Ease those payment headaches and simplify your cash flow by taking online payments for some, or all, of your bookings.

Online payments are a breeze. Jezzam offers seamless integration with either Paypal or Stripe meaning you don't need to be PCI compliant. Paypal and Stripe handle all that for you. Linking Jezzam with one of our payment providers is as straightforward as it comes (just a few clicks). You don't even need a Merchant account.

Join millions of others who trust Stripe and Paypal for online transactions.

Don't want online payments? No problem. We've got that covered too. Jezzam let's you track manual payments straight from the calendar.

Stripe Logo
PayPal Logo

Locations, Staff and Resources

Now you can have your cake and eat it*.

Managing bookings can sometimes be simple, sometimes be complex. It might just be you (1 Staff) with a few services or classes that you run. Or, you might have a team (loads of Staff) working from a few different places (Locations).

Or, you might not have any staff at all and just want to book out rooms or sports courts or minibuses or something like that (Resources). Or, you might have all of those things (Yikes!)... or none at all (phew). Maybe you just want to manage bookings for a few events or workshops.

Well, believe it or not (clue: believing is good), Jezzam can do all of that headscratchingly complex stuff without even breaking a sweat. You can set work hours for Staff and give Resources their own availability schedules too. You can even create sophisticated schedules for when Staff and Resources offer specific services.

Wowza!! Excited?? Yes, us too (it doesn't take much).

But enough of us blowing our own trumpet. After all that excitement, let's relax for a moment together and listen to Miles Davis blowing his instead...

* it's official - we like cake

Jezzam on tablet and mobile
Jezzam on tablet and mobile

Reports, Membership, Customer logins and more...

Reports: Jezzam helps you centralise your data. But it wouldn't be much good if you couldn't get your hands on it, now would it? The analytics section gives you a whole bunch of reports to drool over and lets you export data to your heart's content. Data... we love it.

Membership: Want to provide booking for certain services or events only to your members while allowing public bookings for other services? Want to give different categories of members booking access to different services? Yep, you guessed it. You can with Jezzam.

Customer logins: How about adding great value on top of the services you already provide to your customers (and members too if you have them) by giving them a cool way to log in and manage their upcoming bookings? Like their own personal Amazon but for bookings... They can with Jezzam.

So much more... We think Jezzam is great (but we would say that wouldn't we). Our friends think it's great too. Not convinced? Best thing... why not try our 30 day free trial and see for yourself.

Try Jezzam for FREE30 day trial

No credit card required for trial. No obligation or long term contracts.