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Sometimes it's the smallest ideas that can speed up the way you work - announcing the new "View in calendar" feature.

Jump to a booking with 1-click!

We're constantly looking for ways to make things simpler and faster for you with Jezzam. That's what computers do well. Save you time so you can get on with the important stuff.

We recently asked our customers what new enhancements would help speed up managing the thousands of monthly online bookings they're taking. We had lots of great suggestions (that have all gone on "the list"). But one simple idea really stood out.

When looking at a customer's bookings in the Customer section of the admin panel, wouldn't it would be great if you could just click on an icon and then zip over to your admin calendar and see the booking right there in all it's glory?

Such a simple idea. We loved it.

And to prove we really do listen to customer feedback... the "View in calendar" feature was born.

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And there's more!

Not only did we add the " View in calendar" feature to help you track down bookings from the Customer section. We've also added it as an optional column for booking reports in the Analytics section.

Reports can not only be used to satisfy your data analysis yearnings, but they can also be used as a mechanism to find bookings. How about that for an innovative slant on a simple idea?

Jezzam. Booking made simple. 😊

We hope you like this new feature and as always, let us have your feedback.

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